Developing an algorithm and investigation its properties to generate protected data


  • Computer Science Department, College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Thi-Qar. Thi-Qar, Iraq.


Limited length of the data,, Analysis of information blocks, Authentication control, Probability calculation of hash


Reliability plays an important role in increasing the protection of legal data exchanged between
systems and devices, as well as between the sender and the receiver, where it is necessary the device
receives legal data only from corresponding and authorized devices. Otherwise, the received data from
illegal device can be processed by the device, therefore may lead to denial of service or errors in the
device operation, or maybe possibly a loss of data or functioning. The potential attacker is the real threat
to the trusted channel of data exchange, who deliberately generates and transmits data to the receiving
device, which the device may mistakenly perceive as a trusted and authenticated source. In order to
determine the difficulties associated with the transfer of legal data, this study focuses on development and
investigation of the properties of algorithm for the formation of the protected data of small size. The
study of algorithm for the presence of uneven frequencies of the meeting different words of the sources. It
is shown that the absence of these uneven frequencies does not allow an attacker to use methods to
increase either the probability of opening the parameters of the algorithm, or the probability of successful
implementation of various types of attacks on the data transmission.


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