Embedding Secret Data in Color Image Using LSB


  • AlKunooze University College Al Basra, Iraq


Image Hiding, Steganography, Cryptography, Least Significant Bits (LSB).


Currently, steganography is considered the most powerful technique among other procedures to obscure
the presence of buried information within a cover body. The Greek word steganographic means covered
writing. This term may be considered the most appropriate to bury confidential secret data via internet
correspondence. Steganography technique can be defined as the science of safe electronics transmitting.
So, the aims of the steganography technique are to hide the presence of conveying data from un unwilling
party. Various carrier object formats can be implemented, but color images become the more common
among the other digital object. Currently, a lot of works adopted the image steganography as a cover
object. The contemporary secure image steganography technique offerings a transferring the embedded
confidential information task to the intended end point without being perceived or even suspicious by the
attackers. There exists a large variability of steganographic techniques for fixed secret data in color
images. Some of these techniques are more complicated than others, and each of these methods has
positive and negative considered points. The objective of this work is to give a brief overview of
steganography techniques using color images as a cover object by implementing MATLAB software
using the LSB algorithm. We found that the carrier image keeps the original feature without any
distortion caused by embedded secret information. The performance measured by PSNR and MSE
technique and shown satisfied results.


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