Approximate Methods For Solving Fractional Differential Equations


  • Educational Directorate of Thi-Qar , Nasiriyah, Iraq


Daftardar-Jafari method, nonlinear Burger equation, heat-like equation, Caputo- Fabrizio fractional operator.


In this paper, exact and approximate solutions of the nonlinear Burgers equation, heat-like equation
and coupled nonlinear fractional Burger’s equations with Caputo-Fabrizio fractional operator by
using Daftardar-Jafari method (DJM) and Sumudu decomposition method (SDM) are presented and
discussed. The solutions of our equations are calculated in the form of rabidly convergent series
with easily computable components. Three illustrative applications are given to demonstrate the
effectiveness and the leverage of the present methods. Graphical results are utilized and discussed
quantitatively to illustrate the solution. The results reveal that the methods are very effective and
simple in determination of solution of the fractional partial differential equations.


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