Dorsal Hand Vein Image Recognition: A Review


  • Department of Biology Science, College of Education for Pure Sciences /Ibn AL-Haitham, University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • Imam Ja,afar AI-Sadiq University, Nasiriyah, Iraq


biometrics, CNN, deep learning, VGG Net-16


Subcutaneous vascularization has become a new solution for identification management over the past
few years. Systems based on dorsal hand veins are particularly promising for high-security settings. The
dorsal hand vein recognition system comprises the following steps: acquiring images from the database
and preprocessing them, locating the region of interest, and extracting and recognizing information from
the dorsal hand vein pattern. This paper reviewed several techniques for obtaining the dorsal hand vein
area and identifying a person. Therefore, this study just provides a comprehensive review of existing
previous theories. This model aims to offer the improvement in the accuracy rate of the system that was
shown in previous studies and to evaluate test samples and training samples for person identification
using distance criteria or neural networks.


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