The Influence Study of Crystal and External Magnetic Fields on the Compensation Temperatures in a Decorated Mixed Spin Ferrimagnet


  • Al Muthanna University, College of Science, Physics Department, Samawah550, Iraq
  • Al Muthanna University, College of Science, Physics Department, Samawah550, Iraq


Decorated mixed-spin model;, Developed mean field theory, Spin crystal fields, Ferrimagnetic compensation temperatures, Superparamagnetism


It has been dealt with the framework of developed mean-field theory for a decorated ferrimagnet of
two sublattices by using Blume-Capel Ising model. Based on particular variations of the spin crystal
fields for both interpenetrated lattices, new features of long-rangerorders have been obtained in this
research. For a decorated square lattice consistsrof spin-3/2 andrdecorating spin-5/2 ions on theebonds, it
has been observed characteristic results. Multicompensation temperatures were induced for the present
system. It is worth to note that the contribution of total magnetization to the superparamagnetism
phenomenon production of the decorated mixed spin ferrimagnet with 0.5 1 J   , 1.0 2 J   , has been
indicated as well. So, characteristic total magnetization behaviors in the ( , / ) M D J 2 B space has not
previously beenrconsidered.


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