Dynamics of Quantum Dot Laser with Direct Current Injection Density Modulation


  • Mushtaq O. Oleiwi 2 Physics Department, Education College for Pure Sciences, Thi-Qar University, Thi-Qar, Iraq.
  • Ali Chkheam Qar –Qar Province, Thi –General Directorate of Education Thi
  • Sadeq Kh. Ajeel 3 Physics Department, Sciences College, Thi-Qar University Thi-Qar, Iraq.


Quantum dot laser, Injection current modulation, Dynamics.


In this work, the dynamics of quantum dot laser are studied. Turn on dynamics with increasing the injection current density leads to increase the laser output and carriers in quantum dot level. The system under the effect of direct current modulation appears various dynamics with variation of control parameters of modulation (m, b, fm). The scenario will be finished in the steady state to periodic, chaotic and spiking behavior with increasing the modulation frequency and return to steady state. Carriers are increasing in wetting layer with increasing the temperature


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