Association Of Tumor Necrosis Factor- Alpha (TNF-α) Polymorphism in Renal Failure Patients


  • Department of Biology, College Education for Pure Sciences, University of Thi-Qar
  • 1Department of Biology, College Education for Pure Sciences, University of Thi-Qar
  • 1Department of Biology, College Education for Pure Sciences, University of Thi-Qar


Renal failure is a disorder in which the kidneys are unable to maintain the fluid, electrolyte, and pH
balance of the extracellular fluids as well as remove metabolic waste products from the blood. The current
study's objective was to investigate the relationship between the TNF-α promoter -264 C/T single nucleotide
polymorphism (SNP) ,and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in renal failure with and without diabetic mellitus
patients compared to control. This study was conducted in the laboratories of Thi-Qar University's College
of Education for Pure Sciences in collaboration with Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital, Nasiriyah General
Hospital, and Thi-Qar Center for Nephrology and Dialysis in Thi-Qar Province from February 2022 to
March 2023. The study included 40 renal failure with D.M patients, 40 patients without DM and 40 control.
By using the PCR technique, the TNF-promoter gene polymorphism -264 C/T was identified, and
genotyping was verified by direct sequencing. The current study found that there is a significant effect of
TNF-α gene in renal failure patients with and without D.M compared to control. In addition, this study
demonstrated an inverse correlation between effect of TNF-alpha gene on end-stage renal disease and
decreased eGFR. The study concluded that there was a significant effect of TNF- α gene polymorphism is
associated with markers of kidney disease severity and distant organ dysfunction among patients with RF. In
addition, this study found correlation between effect of TNF-alpha gene on end-stage renal disease and
decreased eGFR.


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