Study of some Chemical Properties of some Algae and Aquatic Plants


  • Department of biologyCollege of Education for Pure Science,University of Thi-Qar,
  • Department of biologyCollege of Education for Pure Science,University of Thi-Qar
  • Department of biologyCollege of Education for Pure Science,University of Thi-Qar,


The aim of the study was to know the chemical properties of some algae,Enteromorpha and
Cladophora,and some selected aquatic plants,Typha domingensis,Ceratophylum demersum,
Vallisneria eriaspiralis, Sodium, potassium and calcium at different times of the seasons.Cladophora
alga showed the highest percentage in water contentwhich amounted to (89.50%), proteins
(41.13%)and calcium (2.06%)while Enteromorpha algae showed the highest percentage in dry matter
which amounted to
(88.72%), carbohydrates (62.40%)and sodium (7.89%).
As for the plants,clear significant differences appeared in the different seasons, as the results showed
that the highest value of water content in the spring season was in each of Typha(85.42),
Vallisneria(95.81) while the rest of the seasons did not show significant differences between them.As
for the dry matter, the highest value was in the winter season in Typha (25.33)and Vallisneria
(9.56).The spring season was characterized by having the highest percentage of carbohydrates in each
of Typha(73.61) and Ceratophylum(44.98),And the highest percentage of proteins in the summer
season was in each of Typha (12.62) and Ceratophylum (22.13) .The highest percentage of sodium in
the spring was in Typha(0.37) and Ceratophylum(1.39) .The highest percentage of potassium in the
summer was in all of Ceratophylum(6.35)andVallisneria(6.08).The summer season was characterized
by containing the highest percentage of calcium in all of Ceratophylum (0.83) and Vallisneria (2.62).


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