Study the Numerical Taxonomy of the genera Albizia L. , Vigna L. and Vicia L. (Leguminosae) in Iraq


  • Department of Biology /College of Education for pure sciences / Thi-Qar University


Emphasis was placed on studying the numerical classification of some genera of the Leguminosae
family because of its great importance in the field of classification unit character is a characteristic or
characteristic possessed by any object through which a particular situation can be described. Thus,
the main objective of the numerical classification is clear, which is to prepare or provide an accurate
classification that contains the largest amount of information. The species under study have a high
medical and economic importance, as it was shown through the results of the research the extent of
similarity and difference between them from the tree diagram and the selected traits, as the highest
percentage of similarity between the two genus of vigna and Vicia reached 55%. And the Vicia of it
for the genus Albizia.


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