Evaluation ESR1 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms rs106577 and Susceptibility for Breast cancer Risk in Young Women in Dhi Qar Governorate.


  • College of education for pure since- Universit of Thi-Qar,Dhi-Qar, Iraq
  • College of education for pure since- Universit of Thi-Qar,Dhi-Qar, Iraq
  • College of Medicine Universit of Dhi-Qar, Dhi-Qar, Iraq.


Breast cancer , ESR1, rs 1062577 , Tetra –primer – ARMS –PCR


The current study was conducted in Dhi Qar Governorate on young women suffering from Breast Cancer (BC), where their ages ranged exclusively between (20-40) years. It was the first study in the governorate to address young ages only, to highlight the spread of this serious disease in young groups and to know Its relationship with genetic causes and genotypes.
The aim of the current study is to investigate genetic mutations of the estrogen receptor gene (ESR1
rs1062577) and its relationship to breast cancer risk in young women.
This study included (100) randomly collected samples, divided into two groups: the first group consisted of ( 80 ) of blood samples from patients undergoing surgical intervention, breast biopsy, and follow-up at Al-Haboubi Hospital/Oncology Unit/Dhi -Qar province, which is a specialized department for treating cancer patients. The second group consisted of (20) samples from healthy young women. The study was conducted from February 2023 to July 2023.
The results of the Tetra ARMS-PCR analysis for the estrogen receptor gene ESR1 rs1062577 revealed the presence of two alleles ,A and T and three genotypic patterns, AA, AT, and TT, in both the breast cancer patients and the control group. The allele A was recorded at a percentage of 58.75% in the patient sample compared to the allele T , ,which was recorded at a percentage of 41.25% In contrast, the allele A was present at a percentage of 100% in the control sample, while the allele t did not appear and had a percentage of 0%. No significant differences were found at a significance level of p 0.05 < .
Increased the incidence of breast cancer among the young age group in Iraq and in our province
( Dhi-qar) so at limited time of our study we can collect good number of patient diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in age between (20-40) year ,These results can predict and give idea about prognostic staging and fate of this dangerous cancer especially in young age group who may be lived for long time after diagnosis of cancer, Study the type of genetic mutation for estrogen receptors as important cause for incidence of breast cancer cases.


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