Polymorphisms of STAT6 Gene and It Association with Asthmatics in Nassiriya, Iraq.


  • Rasha Salih Nuhair Biology Department , Collage of Sciences, University of Thi –Qar, Thi –Qar,Iraq.


STAT6, gene Polymorphisms, IL4, IL13 and IgE


The present study was carried out in the Labs of college of Science and specialized center for respiratory
disease in Nasiriya city, during the period from May to August of 2018. The aim of study was to examine
possible association between polymorphism of STAT6 gene in patients with asthma and evaluate immune
status to them by measuring the levels of some cytokines (IL4, IL13) and IgE in serum by using a
technique enzyme-linked immune sorbent adsorptive (ELISA). The study included a total of 63 patients
with asthma and 31 healthy people and their age between 10 - 60 years.
DNA was isolated and RFLP-PCR was performed by using primers specific for genotypes of region of
the STAT6 gene, the results showed the presence of mutations in most sample of patients after using gene
sequence. The gene polymorphism reveal that a direct relationship between the STAT6 of the asthmatic
The statistical analysis also showed that a high significant increase (P < 0.05) in serum IL4 and IL13 and
IgE in the sera of asthmatic compared to the control group.
In conclusion, the results indicate that a polymorphism of STAT6 gene with immunological study of IL4,
IL13 may be a useful as marker for predicting asthma diseases in Nasiriya/ Iraq population. Accordingly,
the study of asthma genetically and immunologically to provide a theoretical basis for asthma protection


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