Comparative Study for Different Color Spaces of Image Segmentation Based on Prewitt Edge Detection Technique


  • Ahmed N. Ismael Management Information Systems Department, College of Administrastion and Economics, University of Basrah.


Image Segmentation, Color Spaces, Prewitt Edge Detection, Structural Similarity Index Matrix


Image segmentation is one of the main step for images processing and analysis. It is the process of
recognizing objects in images and may consist of two related processes, recognition and delineation. Edge
detection removes and reduces the quantity of unnecessary data and information and give its significant
information. In digital images, there are several representations of colors which have its own
characteristics. In this paper, the Prewitt edge detection was applied as segmentation technique of color
images in four different color spaces. These color spaces are RGB, HSV, YCbCr and YIQ respectively.
Structural similarity index matrix (SSIM), entropy and elapsed time are used as measures to compare
between the segmented images of the four color spaces. Experimental results showed that several
differences among segmented images for spaces by Prewitt technique. The RGB images have batter
resulst for SSIM, entropy and elapsed time values when comparing with YCbCr, HSV, and YIQ spaces.
Analysis of the obtained results of the RGB, HSV, YCbCr and YIQ color spaces are given in this paper.


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