A Secure and Authenticating E-Voting System Using Multiple Biometrics


  • Fatimah Ajeel Dhaher Computer Department. College of Education for pure science University of Thi - Qar, Thi - Qar. Iraq
  • Kadhim Hasen Kuban Computer Department. College of Education for pure science University of Thi - Qar, Thi - Qar. Iraq


php(mysql), Dlib library, Python Fingerprint Recognition, DNN, SIFT


This study suggested design and implementation biometric-based electoral system for Iraqi state
institutions and its political system. The proposed system employs automated methods of identifying and
authenticating the identity of a voter based on his/her face image and fingerprints. Using face and
fingerprint, ease of acquisition and high matching accuracy made them suitable for biometric application.
The system consists of two phases: the voter registration phase and the verification phase that is activated
on the Election Day. Voters interacting with the system through graphical user interface, which gathers
their data in different databases to reflect their functions. Flexible and user-centric design methodologies
have been adopted. The system was designed using Python programming language, MySQL database
server and Apache web server in addition to some other descriptive languages as PHP. The
implementation of this system shows that the integrity of the Iraqi Electoral Process can be greatly
enhanced in the state instead of the previous election system


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