A proposed technique for improving run length encoding

  • Kadhim Mahdi Hashim University of thi-qar, college of education for pure science
  • Dhyaa Alrahman Latef Thajel University of thi-qar, college of education for pure science
Keywords: Data compression, run-length encoding, delta encoding, lossless.


        Image compression, is used to reduce the quantity of pixels used in image representation without excessively change image visualization. Reducing image size  enhance images sharing, transmitting and storing. Data compression has become more important than ever, due to the increasing demand for internet use and exchange of a huge amount of images, videos, audio and documents as well as growing demand for electronic archiving by government departments that produce thousands of documents per day. In this paper, a proposed technique for improving run length encoding results will be presented.        The proposed technique is a lossless and completed technique, it is consisting of two parts the compression part and decompression part. The compression part contains some basic stages such as: pre-processing, run length encoding, replace maximum values by unused values, minimize levels, delta encoding, while the decompression part is the revers of compression part.         This technique is applied on twenty documents and compared with RLE. The experimental results showed that the proposed technique gives a higher compression ratio than the RLE


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