Fingerprint Recognition Based on Gabor Features Extraction

  • Kadhim H. Kuban Alibraheemi University of Thi-Qar, College of Education for Pure Science, Computer Science Department
  • Saad O. Ajmi Al-Shuwaili Ministry of Education, Thi-Qar Education Directorate
Keywords: Gabor Features, Fingerprint hash, Gabor filter, AFIS


      In this paper, we present a novel algorithm to identify an individual person using fingerprint matching technique.  We use fingerprint segmentation and Gabor filter to extract Gabor features from a finger image We use our fingerprint hash and Gabor filter to extract Gabor features from fingerprint image captured by the JPG image format. The proposed algorithm presents 0.9805 % accuracy of fingerprint authentication which is much better than the existing methods of   fingerprint matcher and The work was carried out using an HP computer with specifications Core i7, Hard 500 GB and 4 GB RAM. using the language of Matlab 2013


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