Antimicrobial Activity of Methanol Extract of Microalgae (Hapalosiphon welweschiia) Against Some Pathogenic Bacteria

  • Semaa H. Shalal Dept. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy Collage
Keywords: methanol extract, resistances antibiotic, Bacteria


The present study targets three bacterial species namely, Listeria sp., Escherichia. coli and Pseudomonas. aerugenosa that. This creates health issues for women and rarely for men, through the use of natural products extracted from the microalgae Haplosiphonwelweschii secondary metabolites for the second time, in Iraq. High activity was clarified by the extract of methanol against three bacterial species recording, the ratio of 100% sensitivity for all in comparison with three types of antibiotics namely Ceftriaxone (30 μg) Amikacin)30μg (and Gentamicin (10 μg).  It was found that the listeria resistant to Ceftriaxone while sensitive to the other (Amikacin and Gentamicin) and bacteria E. coli also resistant to Ceftriaxone and Amikacin while 20% sensitive to gentamicin the laste bacteria P. aeruginosais resistant to Ceftriaxone and 20% is sensitive to Amikacin and 10% to Gentamicin. This study confirmed that plant extract more effect against several bacterial is adds compared with usage antibiotic


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