Study of the prevalence of intestinal parasites among children in Al-Rifai district, northern of Thi- Qar province

  • Murtadha Ghafil Jasim College of Basic Education / Sumer University
  • Afrah Ali Abd Al-amer General Directorate for Education in the province of Thi-Qar
Keywords: intestinal parasites, children, Al-Rifai district


The current study epidemiological performed in Al-Rifai district  was carried out to find out the spread of intestinal parasites among children  referred the hospital and some civil laboratories in Al-Rifai district in the north of Thi-Qar province,and the sampling and examination phase was separated into two stages:summer for three months (June,July,August) for 2018 years and winter (December,January, February) for 2019 years , Atotal of (680) stool samples samples were examined by the direct wet swab using the Normal saline and the Sedimentation technique.                                                                                 The results showed that the number of infected samples is (298) samples with an infection rate(43.82%),It was noted that the rate of infection of males(46.11%) More than females(41.25%)Four parasitic species were recorded in two groups of parasitic protozoa , which included Entamoeba histolytica, which had the highest incidence, and Giardia lamblia, where it was (29.11%) percent (12.79%) respectively, the group of parasitic heliminthes that included Enterobius vermicularis, Ascaris Lunbricoides where the ratio (1.47%)was(0.44%) respectively.             The results showed that the summer months recorded the highest incidence of intestinal parasites compared with the winter months and according to the methods of direct swab examination and deposition, where the ratio (17.64%)(20.58%)(8.52%)(11.76%)respectively.The    results also showed that the age groups(4,5,13) years were the most  affected by intestinal parasites  percent (%93.48) (%00.75) (%95.86) In respectively, and the rural infection was higher than the city percent (49.44%) (37.50%) respectively


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