Review of Remote ECG signal Monitoring, Preprocessing and Arrhythmia Detection

  • Ammar D. Jasim Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.
  • Aqeel M. Hamad alhussainy Al-Nahrain University, Iraq
Keywords: ECG, ANN, Raspberry Pi and QRS.


ECG signal is one of the most significant biomedical signals, which is used to reflect the activity of human heart, and it is considered as one of better understood signals, that can provide basic information to diagnosis of heart disease. Therefore, different study and intensive research are developed in recent years, also different effective techniques and methods are proposed for analysis and processing in order to discover essential and new diagnostic information. In this paper, we are introduced literature review of significant study, techniques and algorithms, which are applied to ECG signal, some of these method are used to pre-process the ECG signal in order to increase the accuracy of diagnosis of heart problem, while other techniques are used to classify the signal automatically. The study is explained the methods that are applied to extract the ECG signal with different monitoring system either directly or by using remote monitoring system depending on some technique, also the ECG signal algorithms and methods are described in some details. Because QRS complex part of the ECG signal is considered the most significant information of the signal, different algorithm to detect this peak are explained in our study, finally, the classification algorithm of the ECG signal is described, classification is used to determine the statue of the heart activity and according it, classify the problem.  


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