Home Intrusion Detection System Based on IoT Technique


  • Hussein M. Salman University of Babylon, College of Material Engineering


IoT, Home Intrusion Detection System, Surveillence


One of high technologies emerged in last decade is as called the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT means the interconnection among devices to each other and to humans via the networks and internet. More that the communication science over this technique to the “ Thing-to-Thing”. The last provide many abilities in the surveillance and security, especially in the indoor systems as homes, and markets.
The intrusion detection system (IDS) is one of the challenges of IoT techniques. To achieve strong IDS inside the home, there are number of methods as an using the CCTV camera. The CCTV camera system has disadvantages as expensive and not efficiency.
This paper introduces a system for the Home Intrusion Detection System depending on the IoT techniques. The proposed method used PIR sensor and NodeMCU ESP8266 to detect the motion of intrusion, and link with the internet via IFTTT server. The system benefits and familiar for humans who like to secure life and accessibility. In addition, the system is very easily used for all peoples


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